Thursday, January 12, 2017

The Cost of a Life

A great anger fills me right now as the Republicans tear apart the ACA without a solid plan for replacing it. There is a projection that some of the repeal will include removing provisions for pre-existing conditions, Medicare, and covering adult children to the age of twenty-six. The very image of McConnell shames me.

For now, we, our family will be okay. My husband, a great provider, works for a good company. Each year, we set aside $3500 which we will lay out in the first month of the year for diabetes medications and supplies. After the out of pocket is reached, much will be covered, but there are many other costs not billable to insurance.

But I worry, so many people aren't so fortunate. Where will they get $3500? How will they keep their children well and frankly, alive? Even with the "down payment", many health insurance companies do not cover at the same rates.

What will William do when he becomes an adult and goes to get insurance and no one will cover him? How will he survive? He won't even have the grace period until he is twenty-six, but we will have to face this in three years.

Here's a breakdown of just the basics (and there are many other incidental things we use and not covered) for you:

Per day costs with insurance negotiated rates:
  • Humalog insulin: $24.26
  • Test strips: $17.53
  • Pump supplies: $28.00
  • CGM supplies: $40.78
Total is $110.57 per day or $40,358 per year. Obviously, without good insurance, this would be a great burden. Those with lower paying jobs generally have poorer insurance options as well. Medicaid and Medicare will also likely be slashed. So, what are they to do? 

So many things sadden me about the direction of our country. This lack of foresight about taking care of those in need is one of the greatest. 

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