Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Importance of Exercise

Lots of changes happen in a 15 year old and managing T1D becomes a little trickier as hormones kick in insulin resistance and the brain is developing, changing, and sometimes also offering a bit of resistance. I'm analyzing data today. At the beginning of March, son made commitment to himself to get into better shape, begin working out more and eating better. Most non-T1D parents would cheer and ask what's my problem? Isn't this what we all want? Children that exercise instead of being a desk jockey?

When my non-D daughters were growing up, I never worried if they were getting enough carbs or calories. I fed them. The end. I like to cook, and I cook good food, from scratch. I try to stay away from processed foods though not a purist. But never did I worry about stunting their growth potential or have a doctor monitoring our carbs for optimum brain development.How would you like that, being scrutinized every three months to see if you were a good parent by feeding just the right amounts and kinds of foods?

I've been a bit worried that he was not getting enough carbs, but the endo approved eating lower carb (150/day) and he's getting 143. Looking back over 6 months of data, carb consumption hasn't really changed. He is watching/lowering calories right now (intends to increase later for weight lifting) but what he has changed is the type of carbs he eats - only basics: meat, veg, fruit, nut, fats, protein shakes, brown rice and quinoa, etc. Cut all white potatoes, chips, white rice, bread, except for occasional treat.

We've been really struggling as his insulin dosages have changed dramatically as he began working out 1 - 2 hours a day. Daily changes have become necessary and night lows happening more frequently as I struggle to keep up with basal changes. Some nights it was hours to bring him up. But, versus average of last 6 mos, he's reduced his basal 28% and overall insulin usage is down 42.6%, using only 58.9 units a day on average. A good number of his carbs are being eaten "free" because of timing of food versus exercise. His average BG by Dexcom says 111, but two things - we've had too many lows (moderate risk - we're working on this hard - just the change has been sudden) and we've had some dex problems (it says he's 65 but he's actually 80) Because he likes to be in the 80s or even 70s, a 10 or 20% off makes him look low.

Previously, he's been somewhat sedentary - "computer jockey" - though he might go to TKD once or twice a week. We had good A1Cs - (6.1, 5.9, 5.9, 6.3) but used much more insulin to keep it there. I can tell you I've been a bit on edge as he has started doing this because learning to prevent night lows and wondering if he's eating enough. So, I've spent hours this morning looking at data, and I think his carbs are good. It's the exercise and maybe also the different choice of carbs. He's also lost a few pounds which makes him happy as he was a little overweight. Happy for him. I'm very tired.

Disclaimer: this only relates our own journey. I am not a medical professional and this is not intended as medical or any other kind of advice. Please consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, exercise or treatment program.

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